Anatomage Table Medical 3D Human Anatomy Virtual System

Anatomage Table Medical 3D Human Anatomy Virtual System

Medical human anatomy virtual system The system is developed with continuous real sectional images of human specimen and
Basic Info.
Model NO. MCL-86
Brightness 450 CD/M2
Visual Angle 175 Degrees.
Display 2*46 Inch LCD Screen Spliced
Size L2260mm;W707mm; H750mm
Transport Package Export Standard Packaging for Air and Sea
Trademark MeCan
Origin China (Mainland)
Production Capacity 5000
Product Description
Medical human anatomy virtual system

The system is developed with continuous real sectional images of human specimen and more than 5000 3D reconstructed anatomical structures.

Full-featured digital anatomy teaching system.

The system can display all the human organs and tissues in completely realistic 3D model. Each structure is set with English names and English pronunciation, and all the key structures are marked with detailed annotation and corresponding textual interpretation. The anatomy structures can be rotated and viewed at any angle, The system setting functions including background switching, labeling, separation, transparency, dyeing, stripping, searching, pronunciation, freehand drawing and stereotaxic display etc. it can strengthen the vitality, interest and intuition of anatomy teaching.

Student autonomous learning system.

The system covers anatomy teaching contents. Corresponding CT and magnetic resonance images are arranged on the basis of the image of the section specimen. Also provide teaching micro-course video and a large number of digital exercises.

Simple and quick full touch operating system.

The system uses full touch operation interface with a 86/55-inch multi-touch system embedded, which has simple structure and beautiful appearance. It can power up to work without any software installation and debugging procedures.

Replace the blackboard, projector and TV.

86/55-inch large screen can display 3D human body structure, can carry courseware, pictures and video projection, provide 4K high-resolution display effect, high color sharpness, Students can observe it clearly. Convenient for teachers to teach large classes, perfect replacement for traditional teaching tools such as projectors and blackboards.
What is the advantage of our Digital Human Anatomy System?

The digital anatomy lab highlight the advantages of visualization and intuition of the digital human body in anatomy teaching while facilitating the traditional cadaver dissection. The contrast and integration of the virtuality and reality can achieve more ideal teaching effects.

Contrast of virtuality and reality, Easy for self-study
The integration of traditional anatomy experiment lessons and advanced digital technology enables the students to compare the virtuality with the reality during the learning process. Which will effectively overcome the difficulties of autonomous learning.
Digital mode, Interactive teaching
Teachers can explain the human body structures comprehensively and systematically through the integration of the virtuality and reality during the course of teaching, which will make it easy for students to understand. Furthermore, teachers can also use other documents e.g. PPT courseware, pictures and videos.
HD recording, Comprehensively observing
A large LCD screen with HD 4K images is used for the teacher terminal. While the student terminal has simple structure, elegant appearance and high-definition images, which are more conducive to students' comprehensive observation and comparison. The whole procedure of teaching and learning is recorded using a full-process recording and broadcasting system.
Touch operation, Easy to use
Touch, rotate, zoom, and other gestures can be used to touch the screen to achieve arbitrary control and better understanding of the human body structure characteristics.
Intelligent control, Purifying air
The automatic monitoring devices and intelligent control equipment are operated to keep indoor air healthy and minimize the harm of toxic gases to teachers and students.

Anatomage Table Medical 3D Human Anatomy Virtual System