Product Specifications and Dimensions Overview of 4XC-W Computer type metallurgical microscope: 4XC-W computer metallogr
Basic Info.
Model NO. 4Xc-W
Brand Yjm
Detection Method Surface Inspection Techniques
Minimum Measuring Range 0.001m²/g
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Repeatability ≤ ±1.5 %
Detection Principle Static Volumetric Method
Type Multi-point, Metallographic
Application Area Quality Control
Pipeline System Integrated
Observation System Binocular or Three-Eye Canister
After-Sales Service Yes
Principle of Optics Polarizing Microscope
Focusing 0.002mm
Color Filter Yellow Filter, Green Filter, Blue Filter
Loading Platform 180*150mm
Angle of DIP 30 Degrees
Kind of Light Source Ordinary Light
Stereoscopic Effect Stereoscopic Effect
Usage Teaching, Research
Principle Optics
Shape Rectangular Prism
Number of Cylinder ≥Three
Mobility Desktop
Magnification 500-1000X
Transport Package Toolbox Packaging
Specification 4Xc-W
Trademark YJM
Origin Shangdong
HS Code 9011200000
Production Capacity 5000000PCS/Year
Product Description

Product Specifications and Dimensions

Overview of 4XC-W Computer type metallurgical microscope:

4XC-W computer metallographic microscope is a three-eye inverted metallographic microscope, equipped with excellent telephoto anomalous field achromatic objective and large-field flat field eyepiece. The lighting system adopts Kohler lighting mode, and the field of view lighting is uniform. Compact structure, convenient and comfortable operation. It is suitable for microscopic observation of metallographic structure and surface morphology. It is an ideal instrument for the study of metallogy, mineralogy and precision engineering.

Observation system:

Hinged observation cylinder: binocular observation cylinder, single view adjustable, 30° tilt, comfortable and beautiful. Three eye observation cylinder, can be connected to the camera device. Eyepiece: WF10X wide-field flat-field eyepiece with field of view φ18mm, providing a wide and flat viewing space.

Mechanical loading platform:

Mechanical mobile platform, built-in rotating circular platform, rotating circular platform in the moment of polarizing observation, to meet the requirements of polarizing microscopy.

Lighting system:

Using Cora lighting mode, aperture stop and field of view stop aperture size can be adjusted by dial, adjust smoothly and comfortably. The optional polarizer can adjust the polarization Angle 90° to observe the microscopic images under different polarization states.

4XC-W computer type metallographic microscope configuration table:
ConfigurationComplete Machine Model
Optical SystemOptical system for finite telecontrol correctionY
Observation CylinderHinged binocular barrel, tilted at 30°; Triocular tube with adjustable pupil distance and diopter.Y
Eyepiece(big view)WF10X(Φ18mm)Y
WF10X(Φ18mm) With cross dividing rulerO
Standard Objective(long anomalous field achromatic objective)PL L 10X/0.25 WD8.90mmY
PL L 20X/0.40 WD3.75mmY
PL L 40X/0.65 WD2.69mmY
SP 100X/0.90 WD0.44mm (oil)Y
Optional objective (long anomalous field achromatic objective)PL L50X/0.70 WD2.02mmO
PL L 60X/0.75 WD1.34mmO
PL L 80X/0.80 WD0.96mmO
PL L 100X/0.85 WD0.4mmO
ConverterFour-hole converter for ball internal positioningY
Five-hole converter for ball internal positioningO
Focusing MechanismCoarse micro coaxial focusing, fine tuning cell value: 0.002mm; Travel (from the focus of the surface of the loading platform) : 30mm. Coarse action is adjustable, with locking and limiting devicesY
Loading PlatformDouble-layer mechanical mobile (size :180mmX150mm, mobile range :15mmX15mm)Y
Lighting System6V 20W Halogen lamp with adjustable brightnessY
Polarized AccessoryPolarizing mirror group and polarizing mirror groupO
Color FilterYellow filter, green filter, blue filterY
Metallographic Analysis SystemJX2016 metallographic analysis software, 3 million camera device, 0.5X mirror interface, micrometerY
ComputerHP business jetO
Note: "Y" is the standard configuration; "O" is an optional item

JX2016 Metallographic image analysis software Overview:

The "Professional quantitative Metallographic Image Analysis Computer operating system" configured in the metallographic image analysis system processes and compares, detects, grades, analyzes, calculates and outputs graphic and graphic reports on the atlas of the samples collected. Software integration of today's advanced image analysis technology, the perfect combination of metallographic microscope and intelligent analysis technology, the system measurement, evaluation results quickly and correctly, in line with the national standard (GB) and other relevant industry standards (JB/ YB/ HB/ QC/ DL/ DJ/ ASTM, etc.). System all Chinese interface, simple and easy to operate, after a simple training or control of the instruction manual, you can operate freely. And for the study of metallographic common sense and popular operation provides a quick way.

JX2016 Metallographic image analysis software functions:

Image editing software: image acquisition, image storage and other more than ten functions;

Image software: image enhancement, image superposition and other more than ten functions;

Image measurement software: circumference, area, percentage and other dozens of measurement functions;

Output mode: data form output, histogram output, image printout.

Special metallurgical software package:

Grain size measurement rating (grain boundary extraction, grain boundary reconstruction, single-phase, two-phase, grain size measurement, rating);

Measurement and rating of non-metallic inclusions (including sulfides, oxides, silicates, etc.);

Pearlite and ferric content measurement and rating; Measurement and rating of graphite nodulation rate of nodular cast iron;

Decarburizing layer, carburizing layer measurement, surface coating thickness measurement;

Weld penetration depth measurement;

Ferrite and Austenitic stainless steel middle phase - area measurement;

Analysis of primary silicon and eutectic silicon in high silicon aluminum alloy;

Titanium alloy material analysis...... Etc.

It contains metallographic maps of nearly 600 commonly used metal materials for comparison, which can meet the requirements of metallographic analysis and inspection of most units.

In view of the increasing number of new materials and imported materials, materials and evaluation standards that have not been recorded in the software can be customized and input.

JX2016 Metallographic Image Analysis software for Windows version:

Win 7 Professional Edition and Flagship Edition Win 10 Professional Edition and Flagship Edition

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4xc-W Computer Type High Precision Metalloscope with Image System, Inverted Metallographic Microscope with Three - Eye, Binocular Canister