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Gym helps locals get in shape with ‘science

Aug 13, 2023Aug 13, 2023

The team at Fit6, a new gym in Cave Creek, is committed to helping clients achieve their fitness goals with individualized, science-based training. (CFCC Marketing/Submitted)

A new Cave Creek gym, Fit6, is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals.

Located off Scottsdale Road and Carefree Highway, the gym uses personalized techniques and “science-based” training to help clients get and stay in shape — such as body scanning, nutrient studies, interval workouts and group or individual training.

“We want it to be more than just a workout, we are a full lifestyle change,” said Fit6 President Josh Rogers, who has been serving clients for 20 years and has a results-driven, holistic approach to exercise.

He runs Fit6 alongside EVP of Operations Marisa Johnson, a tumbling coach and trainer. The two have a passion for helping people reach their goals.

Fit6 uses the slogan “We promise it’s different” to attract new members. It is focused on individualized training that’s far from the norm at many gyms, and its trainers get to know each client to edit their workout plan based on their fitness goals.

Each 50-minute workout uses the “6 Pillars of Fitness,” which consists of dynamic workouts, mobility, interval training, power, core and flexibility. These components are a beneficial way for older or injured clients to overcome mobility issues.

At Fit6, the objective is to burn body fat, build strength, maximize heart rate and recover. Clients’ heart rates are measured and put into different “zones” depending on the workout.

“We hone in on a person’s Basal Metabolic Rate, or the effectiveness of their metabolism. We train metabolisms to work more often by eating more often,” Rogers said.

Fit6 also offers healthy food and meal replacement shakes — diet is a major role in each client’s training.

“Clients have to couple nutrition and recovery together. We give customized meal plans based on the client’s data,” Rogers said.

“We do everything through science. We take results from the 3D body composition tests.”

Clients’ fitness plans are based around the Styku body scanner, which scans the individual’s body composition or body mass index (BMI) to gauge what workout plan works best.

One of the main components of Fit6 is the 60-day challenge. This consists of small group training, access to a virtual trainer and six weeks of macro coaching — the management of nutrients that provide energy (fats, proteins, carbs).

The challenge is meant to push clients into doing their best to get into shape with a consistent, personalized schedule. The trainers refer to this as the fitness “blueprint.”

Rogers explained how the anatomy of each client is important to Fit6’s mission.

“Stretching and recovery is a huge part of the exercise,” he said. “The muscles need to be loose, open and rejuvenated to get the best results.”

Accountability is another focus of the gym. There is an “accountability coach” who reminds clients they must remain focused, determined and accountable to achieve their target fitness level.

Fit6 offers a low-price trial of $6 for six days. It ensures all clients want to be there and are ready to take their fitness and health seriously.

For those who don’t have time to exercise at Fit6’s physical location, there is an option to buy workout plans online. They are accompanied by videos, directed by the trainers, that can be completed all from home, online or both, allowing one to come in whenever is convenient.

“We have a modified version of our studio workouts,” Rogers said. “It is a 20-minute virtual training session called the Demand Fit6 Program. We’re working on more Demand programs.”


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