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Bambu Lab Launching New 3D Model Site, Complete with Pre

Aug 10, 2023Aug 10, 2023

The new 3D printing hub will offer gcode files and filament profiles from the community.

Bambu Lab announced a new 3D model sharing site, currently in beta testing, to compete with Printables, Thangs and Thingiverse. The company hopes MakerWorld will simplify 3D printing for all users, even those who do not own a Bambu Lab printer.

The site aims to remove technical barriers to 3D printing by providing end users with pre-sliced models and tuned filament profiles that will match with any brand of 3D printer. To do so, they will lean heavily on the volunteer efforts of a community willing to share their knowledge. A reward system will offer points for “every interaction” that can be redeemed for models, filament, gift cards and printers.

Bambu Lab’s P1S and P1P are two of the best 3D printers for hobbyists and small businesses, offering incredible speed, quality and the option for 16 color prints.

Unlike existing file sharing sites that focus on model designers and end users, MakerWorld will invite expert makers to share their slicer knowledge by providing pre-sliced files in the form of g-code. Like Prusa Research’s Printables, MakerWorld will invite all users to their platform, no matter what brand of machine they own.

“We constantly require assistance from experts who possess a profound understanding of the printing process. Whether it's adding one more wall or increasing the nozzle temperature by ten degrees, their guidance is vital to creating a print that will make you smile once it's finished,” the company said in its blog post.

Bambu Lab hinted that MakerWorld will employ a cloud based slicer and that g-codes will be provided by those who have a “profound understanding of 3D printing.” We hope that means that slicing experts will be vetted not only for their skills, but ownership of the printers they are providing sliced files. G-Codes are very particular to each brand and style of 3D printer and results can be disastrous when mishandled.

The site will ensure designer’s intellectual property rights are protected by adhering to copyright licenses and making sure models on MakerWorld link back to original sources. A dedicated team will be on call to handle any infringement issues that may arise.

MakerWorld will also provide crowdsourced filament profiles. “This collaborative space allows the community to share, discuss, rate, and import these parameters, enhancing the collective knowledge base.” Filament manufacturers are also invited to provide official profiles for their brands.

Bambu Lab’s hopes to open MakerWorld to more beta testers in the coming weeks.

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